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Echo Park "Basketball" Mini Collection Kit Foam Stout 12x12 Paper Mrs. Grossman's Baseball Stickers
Foam Stout 12x12 Paper
Reg.Price: $0.80
Echo Park "Basketball" mini collection kit includes 6 double sided designer papers with a matching 6x12 sticker sheet with images of basketballs, hardwood floor with court lines, basketball hoop, jersey, whistle and scoreboard in yellow, orange, black and brown.
Foam Stout 12x12 Paper... what more can I say?
Mrs. Grossman's Football Stickers Pebbles Basketball Stickers Pebbles Football Stickers
Pebbles Basketball Stickers with images of basketballs, hoops, net, basketball rim, and floor. Word include DUNK, SHOOT, MVP, JUMP SHOT, 3 PT. BASKETBALL in brown, orange and tan.
Pebbles Football Stickers with images of footballs, grass, football field and helmet in green, brown, white and blue. Text-FOOTBALL, HIKE, TOUCHDOWN, #1, TACKLED and GO TEAM!