It all started 40 or so years ago with a Ricoh camera my Dad gifted me for Christmas, a magnetic photo album, the family's old typewriter and a stack of white lined paper. My scrapbooking addiction had begun! I spent countless hours documenting my childhood memories growing up with 4 sisters in Sacramento, California. Strips of white lined paper doubled as journaling boxes documenting the stories of my life. Fast forward 30 years...I found myself reliving my passion at my first Creative Memories class. Times had changed. I was learning about photo safe products, acid and lignin free products and how to mix and match color palettes. I spent 14 years teaching busy moms, students, grandmas and even my 86 year old token male client ways to document their family history and preserve their precious photos. After the demise of Creative Memories I found myself dreaming of ways to continue to supply my friends and clients photo safe and fun products for their scrapbook projects at my retreats, one on ones, and workshops. After many tireless months filling out licenses, applications, contracts, business accounts and creating my website, I'd like to introduce you to Dinah's Paper Garden! Where Scrapbook Ideas Bloom!

There are a few people I'd like to thank... to Holly, for her creative ways... Michelle and Rita for their honest and upfront advise, to my niece Alexa, for her skills and knowledge with social media, my lovely and supportive spouse, for trusting and allowing me to chase my dream and lastly and mostly to Jamie, my mentor and most wonderful advisor and friend! I could not have done this without her guidance and expertise! I am forever indebted to you and will always treasure this wonderful memory of creating the Paper Garden together! And to all of you, my friends and clients, whose love, loyalty and encouragement, helped give me the power to begin this new adventure!

So with that, go forth and enjoy our site...have fun looking around and please drop me a note and let me know if there is something you'd like to see added on my site. Stay tuned and please check back often for new products added. Blessings and Bloomings, Dinah